We are Gilly & Rob (also known as Gillian and Robert). We are married, in our 30’s and live in a small town in the South East of Ireland called Wexford. It’s not a bad little part of the World and it’s a nice place to raise our not-so-little family too.  Our town is gorgeous and it’s packed solid with creative, fun, interesting people.

Before this all started Robert worked as a Website & Graphic Designer while Gillian worked as a street theatre artist. We are also Mam and Dad to four fantastic children.

Our mutual love of cheesy jokes and vulgar sayings is what brought this whole thing together. Laughter (and a healthy dose of passive aggressive sarcasm) has gotten us through some pretty tough times.

We do a lot of our brainstorming over a cup (or twelve) of tea at our kitchen table.

The idea for this project came to us when we couldn’t find a greeting card that really said what we wanted to say. So we made one and (trust me) it was hilarious.

There are very few occasions that leave no room for a little laugh and there are many people, like us, who want to send a greeting card that uses real language and good humour.

So, our idea was born and Gilly & Rob Ltd. was set up.

Today we do more than just greeting cards. We’ve moved on to selling our own range of mugs, tea pots, framed artwork, baby vests and t-shirts. We’ve even had our own range of rude chocolate bars. Our plan now is to expand our range and introduce even more new products.

Gilly & Rob products are available to buy from our website and they are also stocked by a number of retailers across Ireland.