So here is the story with GDPR.

Our website uses cookies. The cookie we use tracks your use of our website, so if you add something to your basket and then leave, when you come back, it will still be there.

We don’t use the cookies that follow you around the internet reminding you of the awesome things you looked at (but didn’t buy) on our website.

We probably should have those, but personally we find they irritate the shite out of us, so we said we wouldn’t bother.

If you enter your information into our website in order to complete a sale, we will retain that information for as long as it takes to process your order.

We won’t use it for any marketing purpose, or any other purpose, and once we are done with it, we delete it within a few weeks. We don’t share anything with any third party, (not even our Ma).

NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using.