GoT T-Shirts

One of our favourite TV shows, Game of Thrones, returned recently and let’s just say we are a little bit over the moon about it. So, just for the craic we decided to make a few GoT t-shirts, Gilly & Rob style. We took some of the more well known quotes and gave them an Irish twist and this is what we came up with…

GoT, Game of Thrones, T-Shirts

GoT, Game of Thrones, T-Shirts

We were pretty happy with the results to be honest. So happy that we decided to list them on our website to gauge the reaction. We used slogans such as: That’s what I do. I drink tea and I know things – Mother of Naggins – You Know Feck All Jon Snow – Sorry Hun, I’m in the Night’s Watch – King in the Northside – A Young Wan Has No Name – The Northside Remembers. You can get any of these slogans on a black, purple, white or grey t-shirt and we even had requests to get them on a mug.

The GoT stuff really took off for us. Especially after the wrote a little article about us. We were driving home from work one evening and Gilly was on her phone. She noticed a lot of email alerts coming in for sales of GoT T-Shirts and thought, well that’s odd. We got home and had dinner and the orders were sill coming in. That’s when a friend of ours sent us the link to the DailyEdge article and asked, “Here lads, have you seen this?”


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