GoT T-Shirts

One of our favourite TV shows, Game of Thrones, returned recently and let’s just say we are a little bit over the moon about it. So, just for the craic we decided to make a few GoT t-shirts, Gilly & Rob style. We took some of the more well known quotes and gave them an Irish twist and this is what we came up with…

GoT, Game of Thrones, T-Shirts

GoT, Game of Thrones, T-Shirts

We were pretty happy with the results to be honest. So happy that we decided to list them on our website to gauge the reaction. We used┬áslogans┬ásuch as: That’s what I do. I drink tea and I know things – Mother of Naggins – You Know Feck All Jon Snow – Sorry Hun, I’m in the Night’s Watch – King in the Northside – A Young Wan Has No Name – The Northside Remembers. You can get any of these slogans on a black, purple, white or grey t-shirt and we even had requests to get them on a mug.

The GoT stuff really took off for us. Especially after the wrote a little article about us. We were driving home from work one evening and Gilly was on her phone. She noticed a lot of email alerts coming in for sales of GoT T-Shirts and thought, well that’s odd. We got home and had dinner and the orders were sill coming in. That’s when a friend of ours sent us the link to the DailyEdge article and asked, “Here lads, have you seen this?”


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