Bubble Wrap

Yesterday was Friday, and on Friday we buy a large roll of bubble wrap. We usually get it delivered, but as we needed it now, we said we would bring it home with us.
Car full of smallies (we have 4), we moved a few around, and strapped/ wedged our new son Bubbles in to the seat behind the driver.

Our 3 year old became fast friends with his new brother Bubbles, and proceeded to rub him up and down in long squeaky strokes. It was funny at first, it wore thin within a few minutes, and we decided to ditch bubbles in Gill’s sisters house( which was on the way home) and pick him up today.

So this morning. Saturday. The day we do boring things like sleeping and grocery shopping. Gilly hopped in the car with our lovely 10 year old Ellie, and headed down to Supervalu, Did a bit of shopping and on the way home, dropped in to grab Bubbles. He was wedged in and strapped into the seat again, and they were on our way.

Or so they thought. Bombing down the road at about 67kmph (or there abouts) our car decides to die. It literally keeled over and died.

So I will spare you the details. Breakdown assistance was called, and Gilly’s brother in law came and took Ellie and our shopping home, (cause you can’t be letting your ice cream melt while you are waiting for breakdown assistance). While Gilly waited for the man with the truck to come rescue her.

OMG though. What about Bubbles? She opened the car door, to take a look at him, and yep, there he was in all his massive bubbly glory. And sitting beside him was a box of oranges.

So breakdown assistance arrived and took the car, leaving poor Gilly waiting by the side of the road, somewhere near Enniscorthy holding a box of oranges, sitting on a roll of bubble wrap.