We’ve been busy.

Hey lads!!

We would like to wish all of our customers the best of luck in 2017. We’ve been out the door for months here at Gilly&Rob and are only now stopping to catch our breath. This last few months have been the best in our lives. We are  so grateful to all of our kickstarter backers and to our many customers for their support and messages of encouragement! You guys have changed our lives.

We used our kickstarter investment to purchase the equipment to print our mugs, and we recently purchased an AMAZING new printer. A major step up from the €50 ink jet printer we started off with.
And just this week we made our 2500th online sale! What an amazing milestone.

We have so many new ideas and are trying to get them all on paper, and out into the world. Keep an eye on our FB page for updates,new products, exclusive offers and the usual bit of banter.

Gilly and Rob.

(Aren’t we only gorgeous).

gill and Rob

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