Ireland AM, TV3, Gilly & Rob

Rob was on Ireland AM this morning

We were delighted to be asked to come on to Ireland AM and show off our cards as part of the business section of the show. We knew this was coming for a few months but it crept up very fast. We then got the call the day before we were to go on telling us they would only be needing one of us to actually go on the show.

So, after Gillian spent most of yesterday getting her hair, nails and eyebrows done we thought it would be best if I went on the show. Don’t ask me about the logic on this one. I mean I hadn’t time to get my own hair cut and was sporting what could only be described as Lego Man Hair. I still am!

Anyway, I did it and here’s the result. A nervous wreck and I forgot most of the things I wanted to say during it. Ah well…

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