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Huge Thank You to all our Kickstarter pledgers!

It was a long 60 days but finally the kickstarter has ended. We are so thrilled and delighted to have reached (and smashed) our target!!  All 190 of you marvelous people who saw to it that our project could get off to a brilliant start, thank you thank you thank you! You are all stars! We made €4,700 in pledges smashing our target of €2,500.

In the next few weeks our lovely, little, over-worked desktop  inkjet printer will be retiring and we will be upgrading to a lovely, big, super-futuristic, laser printer!!!

Our original plan was just to purchase a new  printer and some more supplies to get our cards into retail stores, but due to the unexpected additional investment from our KickStarter backers our plan has evolved and grown!   We hope to share some new ideas with you all in the coming weeks!

Thank you all from the bottom of our pockets! To all of our family and friends and even complete strangers who threw us a bone. You are all awesome!


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